Activities Daily Reminder

The tool to notify users of assigned to them activities

12.0 11.0

€ 28.0

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

This is the tool to remind users of activities which deadline is today or which deadline has already passed

Configure your own single-list reminders for any Odoo records using the tool All-In-One Lists Reminders

The tool gathers all activities which should be done urgently: today or in the Past
The reminder is sent for each user individually if he/she has such activities
Notification is done as a single email with all activities combined in the table. Each line has a link for an instant access to a parent activity record (related opportunity, partner, sales order, etc.). No dozens useless emails
Only important activities are included into the reminder. Choose activity types which should be considered for reminders
A reminder is sent once per day, but you can change frequency or time. Look at the 'Configuration' tab
You may also modify email appearance and set. Look at the 'Configuration' tab

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All activities are combined in a single to-do list
Odoo activities reminder
Choose activity types to be included into reminders
Activity types for reminders

If a user doesn't receive reminders

  • Check his/her preferences. Is it configured here to receive all email notifications from Odoo?
  • Check that activity types are configured. Do a user have any activities with broken/today deadlines on those stages?

To change reminders' appearance

  1. Turn on the debug mode (technical features)
  2. Go to the Odoo technical settings > Email > Templates
  3. Find one with the name 'Activities Daily Reminder'
Here you might change:
  • Reminder subject
  • Reminder styles
  • Reminder columns
  • Introduce translations
However, be cautious with dynamic expressions. They have very rigid requirements. Have you broken everything? No problem: delete this template and update the module
Reminder email template to modify
Odoo CRm daily reminder email template

To change time or frequency of reminders

  1. Turn on the debug mode (technical features)
  2. Go to the Odoo technical settings > Automation > Scheduled Actions
  3. Find one with the name 'Notify users about overdue activities'
You are welcome to change the interval or the next date of the job
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