Sticky Notes

The tool to pin sticky indicative notes to any Odoo form view

12.0 11.0

€ 36

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

Stickers' concept does not require explanation. How many of colorful notes are pinned to your screen and office blackboards? So, this is the tool to add sticky notes to the most catchy place of any Odoo document – to the top of a form view. Simple but efficient way not to forget something important and attract attention.

Any user might pin a sticker to any Odoo document: contacts, sale orders, request for quotations, opportunities, pickings, and so on
Pinned notes are indicative and catchy as stickers must be. They are displayed above the form and colorized
By default stickers are private. They are designed for personal use. But if you want you can share a note with everybody: just check the box 'Share Note'
Add a note as soon as you saved a document (read mode). Edit and delete stickers when you like (read and edit modes)

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Pin sticky notes to any Odoo document form (example of contacts)
partners stickers
Simply create, edit, share, and delete sticky notes
Update notes
Pin sticky notes to any Odoo document form (example of sale orders)
sale orders stickers
Pin sticky notes to any Odoo document form (example of purchase orders)
rfq stickers
Pin sticky notes to any Odoo document form (example of opportunities)
opportunities/leads stickers

Installation Tips

In order the widget works correctly, re-start Odoo server. If you faced the error 'Qweb2: Template is not found': restart Odoo server > refresh the page (Ctrl+Shift+R)
To contact us please register in our support system. Registration form is available by any link below. Registration doesn't take more than 30 seconds. No phone number or credit card are required