Private Thread

A tool for private communication with colleagues

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€ 49.0

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

The app is a tool to communicate with colleagues without interrupting followers. Odoo default functionality assumes that each time you send a message all subscribers (including your partners) are notified. As an alternative you may log an internal note without notifications. This approach hardly suits in a case you would like to communicate something important only to your colleague. This app let avoid excess emails but simultaneously notify required partners.

Notifications are not sent to the followers disregarding their subscription
Messages are visible for ones who may see the parent object, but not for portal users
In order to send such a message it is enough to flag a check box on an email composer form
You may use an app also to check system messages such as sending a quotation to a customers
The app equally works for all Odoo objects (sales orders, invoices, issues, etc.)

Feedback allows improving Odoo tools for you. If you tested the app, please leave a review on the product page
Select Checkbox to Make the Message Private
Odoo internal composer
No Excess Notifications. Portals Can't View
Odoo internal messages
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