Odoo Email Suite

Set of apps to simplify and improve users mailing experience

11.0 10.0

€ 178

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

The app presents a bundle of modules, which might be used independently (observe the tab Included Dependencies), but which are fully compatible with each other. Together they present a number of pretty useful features.

Switch off automatic subscription for Odoo objects
Let users subscribe recipients just through clicking the simple check box in any Odoo email composer
Let users send private messages under any Odoo objects without notifying all followers<
Let users hide private messages from portal and public users but simultaneously notifying colleagues
Let users edit own messages and internal notes but keep the history of changes to avoid confusions
Let SuperUser delete any messages right from the email thread interface
Keep 'lost' messages under the special menu. Such message appear, when Odoo is unable to sort out incoming emails or some parsers fail
Let Odoo administrators route and attach 'lost' messages to proper Odoo objects

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