Numerical Attributes Pricing

Fast and flexibly configure prices for make-to-order products based on multiple numerical values

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The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

The app is a tool to easily apply pricing for thousands of products based on multiple numerical attributes, such as width, height, slope. It is a bridge to combine and enrich the features of the modules Advanced Variant Pricing and Numerical Variants Configurator

Generate multiple numerical attribute values (e.g., width, height, slope, memory size) in batch. E.g. "20cm","22cm","24cm", etc.
Use advanced pricing based on attribute value extras and coefficients. Product template have individual extras and coefficient. Pricing is fully compatible with POS, E-commerce and Odoo price lists
Define how those extras and coefficients depend on numerical values: 'Each cm of width make it $2 more expensive', '2Gb of memories makes the prices 5% higher', etc. Use detailed hints and examples!
Have different formulas for different ranges. E.g., you have different coefficient for width from 40 to 80cm and for width from 120 to 160cm.

Feedback allows improving Odoo tools for you. If you tested the app, please leave a review on the product page

Use case

  1. Imagine, you are manufacturing tables made to order. The possible width of those tables is from 40cm to 80cm and you find it rational to produce only even-number-width tables (42cm, 44cm, etc.)
  2. The Public (base template) price is $100
  3. Each 1cm adds $2.15 to this price.
  4. Besides, you find it profitable to have a 0.03% increase for each cm, and 1% for each unit disregarding the width
  5. Thus, you go to the product template "Table" and press the button "Num Attributes" (the tab "Variants")
  6. In the field "Select or create new attribute" you choose "Width". You enter '' cm" in the "Comment" field. You have the line in the configuration table: 40 – 80 – 2 - Formula
  7. The formula for Price Extra = Attribute Value * 2.15 + 0
  8. The formula for Price Multiplier = Attribute Value * 0.03 + 1
  9. You press "Generate" and have the list of all feasible tables. The price for 54cm table, for example, is $218.72 = 100 * (54*0.03+1) + 54*2.15

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Numerical Attributes Configuration
Odoo Numerical Attributes Configuration Wizard
Formula to Calculate Attribute Values Price Extras and Multipliers
Odoo Formula to Compute Attribute Values Price Extras and Multipliers
Resulted Extras and Coefficients for certain Attribute Values
Odoo Resulted Extras and Coefficients for certain Attribute Values
Resulted Variants' Prices
Odoo Resulted Variants Prices
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