Mass Vendors Update

The tool to add suppliers to a number of products simultaneously

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€ 14

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

In the most cases companies work with a few key suppliers. That is why when any is changed or just a new appears, a lot of products should be updated. But it is not simple and error-prone to open each product and introduce vendor data. This is the tool to cope with the situation. It let you add a supplier to products in a batch.

To add a new supplier go to a product tree view, search and select required items, push 'Action' and 'Update a vendor'
You may select not only a vendor company, but also delivery time and a minimum lot
As soon as you push 'Update', a new vendor is added to all products' supplier table at the first place. Thus, it has the highest priority among all suppliers. Old vendors are not removed
The tool let you add vendors for both product templates and product variants
Only purchase managers has a right for mass update

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Add a vendor for product templates
Mass update of templates' suppliers
Update suppliers of product variants
Variants vendors' adding
Choose a vendor company, delivery time and minimum order quantity
Odoo edit suppliers for products
Vendor info is updated for all chosen products. The new vendor has the highest priority
Product supplier info
Not only a supplier, but also delivery time and a minimum lot data are changed
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