Low Sales Report

The tool to control poorly performing products

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€ 32

The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


When your product catalogue is wide enough, you will inevitably face the situation when some products are sold badly. Due to high keeping costs and items' obsolescence such products start stealing profits. You need to undertake some actions, but you might just do not know about the issue! This is the tool to reveal poorly performing goods in time and cope with the problem on a regular basis. With this app you retrieve the whole list of low sold products just in a few clicks.

Flexible low sales rules

Assign your own criteria to consider a product as underperforming. In case a product satisfied any of those criteria per chosen period, it would be included into the report.
Apply the level in absolute quantity sold (in a product default units of measure) or use the revenue level (in a default company currency). If you left zero in levels, only totally not sold products would be reflected.

Focus analysis and make report for periods

Generate the report per any period you like: for the last 3 months, for a week before New Year, by all historical data, for exact 327 days, and so on.
Analyse sales for product templates in general or for specific product variants. In the first case all template variants' sales are taken into account.
Go step by step: the tool let you shrink analysis for definite product categories, sales teams, or a certain country.

Odoo report or Excel table

Work with the report in a way you like: in Odoo or as an xls table.

Assign low sales managers

Grant the right for report for any sales user. Be cautious: all sales of a current company will be under consideration.

Show the report in Odoo
Odoo low sales report
Select own criteria to find poorly performed products
Low sales report wizard
Analyse sales of product templates
Underperforming product templates
Xlsx table of underperforming templates
Open the report in Excel
Low sales report menu
Quick access to the report
Grant the right for report
Low sales report security group
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