The tool to build deep and structured knowledge base for internal and external use

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€ 228

The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


This is a full-featured knowledge management tool to be used in any industry and by any firm. The app serves to accumulate, to curate, to utilize, and to share organizational knowledge within your company and outside it. The tool consists of the core module and extra optional add-ons:

  1. KnowSystem - a core of knowledge management. It might be used stand-alone as a complete internal knowledge base system. Its price is €228.
  2. KnowSystem: Website and Portal - an optional module, which let you publish articles to website, share them with portal users, and use website builder to update articles. The features assumed by this add-on are marked by the icon . Its price is €40.
  3. KnowSystem: Custom Fields - an optional module, which let you add and show custom fields for articles (backend). The features assumed by this add-on are marked by the icon . Its price is €48.
  4. KnowSystem: Custom Fields for Website and Portal - an optional free module, which shows custom fields on website and portal pages (frontend). The features assumed by this add-on are also marked by the icon .
  5. KnowSystem: Multi Languages - an optional module, which let you translate articles, sections and tags for installed in Odoo languages. The features assumed by this add-on are marked by the icon . Its price is €10.

Innovative single-view interface

Your knowledge base might be efficiently structured by a hierarchy of sections and a tree of tags. Using those alongside with intuitive sorting and search tools, users would quickly find required articles.
From the same interface editors may create and update any knowledge-related documents, change articles in batch, set up security. Without a need for excess navigation.

Fast, comfortable, and professional knowledge recording

Drag and drop building blocks to write a new article. The process is simple while the result is professional looking. The backend editor let users create knowledge paragraphs with strict HTML style, what is especially useful for printing and messaging. The website builder motivates users to prepare advanced knowledge pages as they are part of your web portal.
By using templates with pre-defined styles you may also speed knowledge generation up and standardize articles' appearance.

Get benefit from your knowledge

Knowledge base is not to archive best practices but to use them in business. That is why KnowSystem let you efficiently employ articles: reach required ones right from any Odoo document form, reference or cite those in discussions from an email composer, print them as a PDF file with your company individual layout.

WIKI-like revision system

Each time you update an article (title, content, tags, sections, attachments), KnowSystem saves a previous version. So, intellectual assets are secured from sudden harm or a human mistake, since you can any time recover any revision. Breaking becomes harder than restoring.

Individual partner knowledge base portal

Knowsystem let you organize a web portal personally for each customer just by selecting articles to be shared. Depending on loyalty level, products in use, related projects, different partners would access different manuals, guidelines, frequently asked questions, specifications. You can design an article especially for a definite company, or use the same knowledge experience among multiple clients.

Very functional application and responsive support

Our company produces medical laser equipment and we use KnowSystem to streamline the knowledge base of our company. Convenient search system and classification of content, as well as access rules for groups and even for individual users.

Svetlana in the Odoo Apps Store

Excellent app and support.

Great app and a very helpfull support. Openess to improve their products is outstanding.

Lucas Huber in the Odoo Apps Store

KnowSystem is excellent - OdooTools offer great support, are very helpful and responsive

Our company needed the ability to add a Knowledge Base to our Odoo portal website for our customers to access article content on a membership-only basis. KnowSystem provided this and much more, along with ability to add search by section, set permissions to allow only certain partners access to articles by tag etc. OdooTools have been very helpful and implemented several features we suggested including automatic redirect upon login, customisable filters and a social sharing capability on articles. Overall a great app by a great company, something that massively adds to Odoo's capabilities and is something that everyone could benefit from using.

Chris Mann in the Odoo Apps Store

Public knowledge base

Self service is a way to cut your costs. To that aim KnowSystem let you prepare a public online library with FAQ, marketing information about products and services, software manuals, and so on. Through that your team will spend less time on repetitive issues from prospects, clients, and just by-passers.

Team work for knowledge creation

KnowSystem inspires interactions for continuous knowledge base improvements. Users and editors might take part in discussions, follow revisions, evaluate articles by likes and dislikes, plan daily activities.

Custom fields to structure knowledge

Different types of knowledge might sometimes require not only different style and structure but also different extra attributes, like a book reference, a responsible sales team, or an IP address. KnowSystem let you add and show custom fields for that goal.

Knowledge is secured and might be safely shared

KnowSystem works across the whole organisation: any Odoo user may rely upon knowledge base. Simultaneously, you can simply manage and control who can access and who can edit each particular section or article.

Create learning tours

A tour is a set of articles in predefined order. The idea is to follow certain steps of study one by one in the special interface. For example, all new employees should get acquainted with a number of instructions. With help of tours, you may control employees progress. Do they really confirm that articles are read?

Multilingual knowledge base

KnowSystem let you translate articles to installed in Odoo languages. In such a way users might read and edit articles in a language from their preferences.

Knowledge base for any industry and business

KnowSystem is a universal tool which might be configured to any business goal and any set of Odoo apps: for helpdesk, marketing, IT, HR, project management, so on and so on.

KnowSystem articles overview, search and mass actions
KnowSystem innovative kanban
Building blocks for knowledge base articles
Articles HTML editor
Single entry for knowledge management actions
Edit sections and tags
Quick access for knowledge system from any Odoo document
Articles quick search
Knowledge base for portal and public use
Articles on website
KnowSystem articles on website
Website and portal article
KnowSystem configuration
Knowledge base options
Article read mode
Article form view
Knowledge base interactions, discussion, and activities
Articles thread
Wiki-style revisions history
Knowledge base revisions
To restore is easier than to break
Restore revision
Article info and statistics
Article info popup
Manage access to this article
Article user groups
Article misc actions
KnowSystem multiple actions
Knowledge base link from email composer
Use articles while messaging
Articles from any document
Form view access
Article(s) PDF printing
KnowSystem report
KnowSystem articles' custom fields
Customize properties of knowledge base
Custom fields on article form
Customized KnowSystem article form views
Mass actions for selected articles
Mass update of knowledge base
Article in a learning tour
KnowSystem tour
Control tour progress by users
Tours for users
KnowSystem tour welcome page
Learning tour start
Section update and user rights
Section form
Tag: document types and portal partners
Knowledge base tags
KnowSystem from portal
Portal entry for articles interface
Custom fields in portal and website
KnowSystem article website and portal custom properties
Custom fields for article: add any data required
Types of custom fields for knowledge base
Small screen KnowSystem interface
Knowledge base adaptive
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