Contacts Color Coding

Partner color coding to score contacts and make rational decisions in any business area

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Has your company ever lost money because a manager forgot some important details about a partner? With this tool it will hardly happen again. The app introduces the system of high available and simply managed color codes for contacts.

Color codes are on each form where there is a reference for a partner and on each contact card. The scoring information is available at the moment of making a decision. Look at the section Where do I find color codes?
Color codes contain information you think is needed for managers. Look at the section Widget features
Color codes might be updated manually or they might be assigned automatically based on the special rules
Automatic color codes do not assume any user involvement. Configure rules once, and all matched contacts will receive configured color codes. Look at the section Automatic Color Code Rules
Manual color codes can be updated from any location where you see the widget. Click on the dotted-border rectangle to open the list of a related contact own color codes. Add a new to the table, edit an existing line or fully remove a color code note
It is possible to have an unlimited number of color codes. Prepare your own classifier through the Odoo General Configuration → the section 'Contacts Color Codes'. Look also at the section Codes Classifier
Color codes take into account relations between partners. A contact always inherits color codes from a parent company and may have own color notes
The tool equally works for any type of Odoo partners: companies, individuals or addresses, customers or suppliers
The same color code may have a few notes. For example, 'John Brown' is black-listed since (a) his parent company has a huge debt; (b) he is not available by phone and mobile; (c) he has a tag 'potential fraud' assigned by a financial security officer.

Where do I find color codes?

You observe color codes practically everywhere where you see a partner.

  • You see color boxes on all partner views: form, kanban, tree. On default, simplified or address cards
  • You access linked supplier or customer color codes on all forms, where there is a reference for a contact. Depending on the modules installed, it might be sale orders, opportunities, projects and issues, purchase or delivery orders, tickets and claims. Thus any, including your custom forms or forms from community-built modules
  • Color codes appear as soon as you select or open a contact. In real time. At first sight
  • The tool let you search contacts by a color code reference.

Widget features

Color codes are shown as a set of colourized boxes with user friendly behaviour to retrieve data:

  • Click on any color box to open the pop-up with all color notes
    • Notes are sorted by color codes. Sequence of colors is defined as a sequence in the configured classifier
    • The list aggregates notes by manual and automatic color codes
    • Notes gathers hints from parent hierarchy
    • Hover over a note to learn its initial author and date (for manual notes) and to which contact, this or any parent, it relates to
    • Hover over a circle to know what this color means (color code reference is used)
  • Hover over a color box to observe related color notes
  • Click on a dotted box to manage manual color codes of this contact.

Automatic Color Code Rules

Use automatic color codes in case you can strictly describe which partners receive those color codes. Thus, you should know exact field values of target customers / suppliers. Look at the use cases below.

  • Define a rule as a set of criteria a contact should satisfy. You may use any partner field in the same way you define a search filter in Odoo
  • There might be as many criteria combined by 'any' or 'all' operators as you like
  • For a single color code you may have an unlimited number of automatic rules. Matching any of that rule will lead to this color code assignment
  • Automatic rules are applied in real time. As soon as you configured a new one, open/reload any form and check contact color codes.

Use Cases

  • A contact already has some sort of manual tag. For example, the 'Danger!' tag should lead to the red color code
  • All contacts with set 'Blacklist' field should be assigned the black color code
  • Customers with low credit limit (e.g. with less than $1000) receive the orange color code
  • Mark grey contacts without mobile and phone entered
  • Define color codes based on a country or a region, based on 'Degree of trust you have in this debtor', or based on your own custom field
  • ....

Codes Classifier

It is possible to have as many color codes as you like. They may relate to any business facet. For example, introduce 'Black List', 'Not trusted', 'Strategic partners', 'Low credit limit', etc. and etc.

For such codes, you may use almost any color shade. Google 'hex color picker'. The search engine will let you pick a desired color. Copy the 'hex' value to the color field of a code. Click save and make sure it is a color you would like to use.

As soon as you installed the tool, Odoo would prepare a few default color codes. You may simply update or delete those codes to reflect your own color codes' logic.

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Partner form color boxes
Color codes classifier
List of color codes
Customer color coding on a sale order form
Sale order order colors of a customer
Supplier color codes on a purchase order form
Supplier color codes
Color codes for partners' kanban
Kanban color codes management
Scoring details and notes
Color codes popup
Contacts inherit their parent color codes
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Search contacts by a color code reference
Search by color codes
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Edit manual color codes
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Edit manual color code notes
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Color codes configuration: form (readonly)
Color coding form
Color codes configuration: form (edit)
Edit color codes
HEX color picker
Google HEX
Color codes configuration menu
Odoo color codes general configuration

Installation Tips

In order the widget works correctly, re-start Odoo server. If you faced the error 'Qweb2: Template is not found': restart Odoo server > refresh the page (Ctrl+Shift+R)
To contact us please register in our support system. Registration form is available by any link below. Registration doesn't take more than 30 seconds. No phone number, no credit card, and no payments are required