Advanced Variant Prices

Product variants prices based on attributes extras and coefficients

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€ 96

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

The app allows configuring complex formula to define a product variant price. You may:

  • Add extra price for any attribute (as in standard Odoo sales)
  • Assign multiplier to a product attribute
  • Correspond different attribute extras and coefficients for various product templates

The calculation base is product variant price, not a product template price as in standard Odoo
The final price is calculated successively attribute by attribute: the list order is important! Drag and drop lines to change sequence
In addition to attributes' multipliers and extras, define total (independent) product variant's extra
The price is updated in real-time and is immediately visible on product variants views
Simple configuration: go to a product > the tab "Variants" > enter attribute values and click the button "Variant Prices"
The app is fully compatible with other Odoo apps: the final price is used in pricelists, sales orders, e-shop

Feedback allows improving Odoo tools for you. If you tested the app, please leave a review on the product page

Use case

  1. Your product is "Ice Cream", which sale price is $5
  2. It has 2 attributes - "Flavour" and "Mode"
  3. The flavour may be "Chocolate", "Vanilla" or "Strawberry". While the first 2 do not influence costs, the latter make you put fresh fruits. That's why you decide to make a price extra of $1
  4. You have 2 ice cream modes: "Standard" and "Premium". The latter means you are using premium milk, which costs 20% more than ordinary one. Hence, you assign 20% multiplier to this attribute
  5. Since flavour doesn't influence mode at all, you decide to order attributes as "Mode, Flavour"
  6. Then, the price of "Ice Crem, Premium, Strawberry" will be calculated as [($5 + 20%) + $1] = $7
  7. Be cautious: if you decided to order attributes in the opposite way the price of "Ice Crem, Premium, Strawberry" will be [($5 + $1) * (1+20%)] =$7,2
  8. Add a special extra for the product "Ice Cream, Premium, Strawberry" on its form - $2. Thus, the price would be $9

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Click to configure attribute prices and coefficients
Odoo Click to configure attribute prices and coefficients
The list of attribute values, their extras and multipliers
Odoo The list of attribute values, their extras and multipliers
Final product variants' prices
Odoo Resulted product variants prices
Special Variant Surplus
Odoo Special Variant Surplus
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