Sales Funnel Surveys

Questionnaires to make and help sales managers communicate with clients at each stage of sales pipeline

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€ 96

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

Manage surveys at each stage of sales funnel:

  • The app connects a definite survey and specified lead or opportunity stage: prepare a separate questionnaire for each communication level
  • The app forces salespersons to forward a predefined questions scenario: no forget, no excuse
  • All the case details are gathered at a single form without a chance to ask the same question twice

The checklist is accessible through a button depending on a lead/opportunity stage
Simply indicate a survey on a stage form
Questionnaires are flexibly configured via standard Odoo website survey tools
A survey answer may be linked to a lead field. If noticed the app automatically adds lead/opportunity data to survey answers. Vice versaleads and opportunities are updated as soon as a survey is done. Text and char fields (including email, phone, etc.) of lead/opportunity are supported to be linked with survey answers
The module is fully compatible with Odoo CRM and Odoo Surveys

Feedback allows improving Odoo tools for you. If you tested the app, please leave a review on the product page

Use case

  1. We have a simple sales funnel "New" > "Negotiation" > "Won"/"Lost"
  2. While our lead is 'New' we should understand, who is a client and what are client's need. Thus, we create a survey "Welcome questions": "Your name" (link it to the field 'name'), "Phone" (link it to the field "phone"), "Where did you know about us", "What is your prime interest", etc. (go to Marketing > Surveys). Do not forget to mark some questions as required!
  3. Then we should negotiate the conditions ("Negotiation issues"): "Preferred tariff", "Requirements" (link it to the field "description"), "Due date", "Volume", etc.
  4. As soon as the checklists are generated, go to Sales > Configuration > Leads and Opportunities > Stages. Here find "New", and in the field "Survey" put "Welcome questions". Do the same with "Negotiation" stage
  5. Then find any lead at the stage "New" and push the button "Open survey". Odoo will start the questionnaire "Welcome questions". As soon it was finished, the app would update the lead itself
  6. Then forward the lead to stage "Negotiation" and push the button "Open survey". Odoo will start the questionnaire "Negotiation issues". As soon it was finished, the app would again update the lead

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