Periodic Reporting and Reminders

The tool to generate and periodically send reports and reminders

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€ 172 € 154

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The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

The app is a tool to flexibly configure all-in-one single-list reminders related to any Odoo objects.

Instead of an embedded email list, send an electronic table . It is useful in case of significant number of objects. In order to do so "Send as attachments"
Select which columns to show in a reminder and an Excel table. You may even show a field of a related to this model object
Define whom to notify as a list of Odoo partners
Define when and how frequently to make a list and send a notification. Check the result for this concrete moment by pressing a special button "Show"
Search objects by set of conditions. Any object found by a "To send" criteria would be included into a to-notify list. Any instance found by a "Not to send" criteria would be excluded from such a list. As a parameter use any fields of the types: date, number (integer or float), link to another model (many2one)

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Search criteria
Odoo Search and Filter objects
Criteria based on date
Odoo Criteria based on date and time
Rules for classifiers (many2one fields)
Odoo related fields criteria
Settings and columns' definition
Odoo what columns to show"
Final Email
Odoo Email Reminder
Final xls Table
Odoo Table Reminder

Python dependency

To provide the feature of dynamic Excel table generation, install the Python library xlsxwriter:

pip install xlsxwriter

Date comparisons

Date comparison is based on difference in days
  • Date comparison is based on difference in days
  • For example, "Date > 5" means that an object date should be after today at least in 5 days
  • So, today is 15.07. Condition would return True, in case a 'Date' is not earlier than 21.07
  • In the same instance "Date < 5" would return True, only in case a 'Date' is not after 20.07
  • You may use negative numbers. For example, "Date < -1" means that object happened the day before yesterday or earlier
  • "Date = -1" returns True, if a Date is exactly yesterday

Email template

The basic reminder appearance should not be configured through Odoo email templates. In the debug mode go to:

  • Odoo Technical Settings > Email > Templates > Total Notify

Do not change this template! Otherwise, its styles would be broken, and you would receive blank emails.

Have you broken everything? Not a problem, remove this template and update the module. The email appearance will be recovered.

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