Limited Access for Products

The tool to restrict rights for create, edit and delete products

12.0 11.0 10.0

€ 28

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

Managing product catalogues is an extremely important responsibility. Usually it is assigned for a few employees in a company to avoid accidental mistakes and sales errors. However standard Odoo doesn't provide possibilities to organize working process in that way. This is the tool to cope with that deficiency. The app let delegate products' administration to a chosen group of users, while others still have a read access.

By default users have an access only to 'read' products, thus, to sell, to purchase, to move, etc. But they are not allowed to update product info
To add, change or unlink a product users must belong to the group 'Full rights for products'. Simply grant that right on a user form (the debug mode is required)
The app restricts users in creating, editing or deleting product templates, product variants, product attributes, and product attribute values
The module does not influence menus or objects visibility. If you wanted to restrict rights for a menu: find the menu entry under Odoo technical settings ('Menu Items') and leave only 'Full rights for products' in the Access Rights table

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Check the box to grant rights for creating, changing and removing products
Access rights for products
Ordinary users can't create, edit or delete templates, variants, attributes and attribute values
Odoo doesn't not let users edit products
To hide a menu, e.g. a catalogue, find it and assign the group 'Full rights for products'
Odoo Product Menus
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